Business App Development

platform independent . individual . offline-capable

Why us?

  • IT experience since 1996
  • motivated team of 40 people
  • dedicated team for app development
  • more than 150 long-term customers

Our guidelines

  • consistent use of the Microsoft Xamarin framework
  • develop apps once and compile them to iOS, Android and Windows
  • our apps are always offline-capable
  • asynchrone data transmission
  • use of a REST API for the exchange of data

Microsoft Xamarin

  • development of native like apps for multiple Platforms (iOS, Android, UWP)
  • user interface feels native on any platform
  • focused on Xamarin
  • very good app performance
  • large developer community

Nowadays the possibility to work mobile is a basic requirement for a successful company.

- Data@Work

Our projects

We have references in the following areas

digital mounting

  • transport and supply chain documentation (photos, descriptions)
  • positional tracking /to display status like "starting", "arrival at customer", "execute action".
  • reciept signing
  • worktime records and ERP access

management of employee documents

  • the app replaces the paper-based process of managing employee documents with a digital workflow.
  • recruitment process with complete employee data recording
  • preparation of the employment contract with digital signature
  • completely mobile and offline
  • information is directly available to the HR department

intelligent apps for the logistics industry

  • delivery information handling
  • load and unload docummentation
  • navigation with address transfer
  • option to handle returning packages
  • delivery reciep on site with signature

construction portal

  • mobile software for project processing in the field (construction site)
  • authentication with chip (NFC)
  • work time documentation
  • activity reports
  • construction process documention with recording of shortcommings

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